There used to be a big tree on the little, sloping lawn in front of our house but when all the other trees came into leaf it did not. At first you give it benefit of the doubt. We went outside and poked at it. After a while it became clear that it might be dead and that we might have to Call Someone. Stump grinding was a new term to me. Sounds either risqué or like some kind of 19th century pioneer sporting event. Now we have a pile of chippings where the tree was and a big pile of trunk segments to be chopped into firewood and yesterday we went to the garden center and bought a tree. Before it gets too hot, I have to dig a hole. The lady at the garden center told us how. They make it sound so easy. I take pictures of the grass with my phone in case I need to refer to them but she asks us if the grass was green over the winter and identifies it on that. I’m not sure what to put the dirt from the hole into. This is probably something you would use a wheelbarrow for. Would a wheelbarrow come in handy for other things? When we looked at houses to buy I was impressed by the ones where the garages and workshops were tidy and well-organized, though it also might indicate badly executed DIY. Yesterday at Wal-Mart we buy a shovel. Do we need a rake? I wonder. Should I get an axe? my husband asks. But let’s not go crazy, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So we’re going one tree at time.


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