Take Note

A very good friend I met through work—we bonded over hilariously misplaced apostrophes, a love of good food, cooking, the novels of Elizabeth Jane Howard, a group holiday in Spain and overlapping pregnancies—is now an American-British citizen in Cairo.

Fourteen years after we met we would leave our jobs and London, she for international Cairo, me for exotic Alabama. About a year after we had been away, she wrote to say she had started a blog and I responded, me, too. And so we shared little slices of our new lives this way. Though, annoyingly, she neglected her blog over the winter.

Over the past week, Cairo has become an even more interesting place to live. As their internet and phone service comes and goes she has been posting updates on Facebook and sending email updates through her UK mobile phone. I have been among the friends worried for her safety, checking in, liking posts, but at the same time hectoring her to take photos and keep writing. Work those thumbs, Cleopatra.

So this entry is to direct you to her blog with first-hand accounts of life in Cairo. With photos. Who knew we both live near Hardees? Once things settle down it would be funny to compare the menus for regional variations. But for now she is caught up in something much larger, participating as she can, trying to make sense of it.

I admire her tenacity and wonder if she shouldn’t be camped out at the airport trying to get on a flight out, but understand, because of who she is, why she isn’t.


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