Is blog

I Rufus. Is dog. Is blog.

Lady think she know what I know, but not. Is funny.

This is blog about my weekend.

I go to creek. I run. I wet. I shake. I run. I wet. I shake again. River eat stick. I sad.

We in car and pass dog park. Why. We go by gizzard cafe. Lady mail letter. Lady not know where to do things here sometimes she say. Is confusing. I smell her think about places where you could mail letter and everyone knows but her. They take mail at pharmacy, at Office Depot. And she think it takes a long time in London to know that place to buy light bulb for oven is news agent.

Then we go dog park. My legs is not so good and I can’t play bump chests but find nice dog and we play game, lie on sides and hit with paws. Is funny. Then large stupid dog climb on me again and again. He not stop. This not my game. I sit.

Lady not know I use computer. Is blog named for cat who not live with us, but since lady can’t finish what she write, I write instead.

Goodbye from dog.


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