The Wangardian eye

Dear Activity Lovers,

It is with a heavy heart that I know you will join me in saying goodbye to the summer and thanking the talents of the Wangard’s, who photograph us enjoying our Activitys—from those early Activity 100 models, laboriously restored and chronicled here, to each year’s release with various enhancements. Together, though we hail from many states from around this excellent nation, The Wangard’s are always their to capture the Highlights and Reflections that we share as we coagulate to appreciate the many features of the fine vacation vehicle that we all purchased and the pursuits to which this Magazine that I am happy once again to greet you from as editor assist.

The Wangard’s first appeared on the scene, camera in tow, in 2002, at the First Festival that will be remembered by some fine photographs captured. Wherever you see a gathering of Activitys, there too are the Wangard’s.

I know that I often imagine the potential interest of a retrospective photo display of our finest Activitys. I mentioned this to the Wangard’s once. “No,” came the reply. “They might not like all the photos.” Then a wink.

I know I will not be the first to wonder what happens to The Outtakes?? When the Activity II caught on fire, through no fault of the manufacturer nor its owners, I hasten to add, the Wangard’s photographed that as well as the ensuing restorations of and by the junior fleet. (This organization encourages the propagation of Enthusiasts through the younger generation and the junior fleet allows our offspring to try their hand at learning the ropes.)

While this Magazine publishes the happier side of things, the Wangard’s have captured the wider spectrum of the ownership experience: the knots, the unhitched, the unplugged, those hilarious Whoops Moments that our Publisher would never allow.

My inquiry was met with a characteristic Wangard laugh, boisterous and laden with mystery. I can only hope that retirement from the organization will not lead to publication of a photo essay that features Activitys in any kind of a dark light. We are a fun-loving bunch, not the subject for a “noire” exercise in “realism” in the name of “Art,” for goodness sake! I digress.

People often ask me how and when I find the time to edit this Magazine, which I do from love and in spite of the demands of my job. As the owner of an Activity II, xPS or Cruiser, you will know that if you love something enough, you will find time to share it with others. Love is my secret ingredient. I can’t speak for the Wangard’s. Though I would posit that presence is a form of love and so even The Outtakes, whatever they may show, wherever they maybe, are a form of tribute.

You and I love our crafts, our Activitys, and the Wangard’s love the craft of us. This, readers, was the epiphany that I had on my last voyage last summer, as the embers of the festival campfire played out in a glorious furious blaze and the Wangard’s did not photograph the embers luminating the chrome but instead a shot of the last reveler’s. I thought this was curious when everyone knows the level of craftsmanship that is devoted to the chrome. I know, for one, and as one speaking on behalf of all of us, that we should get to decide who and rather what is the subject for the camera, not the Wangardian eye that definith interest in it’s own terms, artful as it may be.

As the autumn winds ruffle the fading glow of summer, winterize safely and save those dates for the Opening of Spring Festival. If anyone is interested in being our club photographer, that position is now available. Please contact me in all of the usual ways.

With continued Joy in Ownership.

Your Editor.


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