Life on Mars

Did you hear about this? There was an interview on NPR with a family in California that is living on Mars time. The father of a family of five is the flight director for the Mars Curiosity rover. Because he has to be on Mars time for work, the family joined him, adding 40 minutes to each day, so that each day had different endpoints.

Abandoning the usual summer activities, the family went bowling at midnight and saw sunrises, sunsets and shooting stars as they experienced their life at home through the lens of a different time frame, so that ordinary events and meals eaten at irregular times became exotic adventures, an interplanetary staycation. The oldest child is blogging about it. The family will resume Earth time when school starts.

If summer could be won, I think they did it.

Here are the magic ingredients:



A shared project

A family doing a thing, even better, a weird thing, together.

Breaking norms

Breathing new life into ordinary experiences

Creating a shared memory. They will always remember this summer.

Open-ended possibilities

Connected to something real that they could follow and learn about.

Being in it together.


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