This is not the most organized home in America

Stuff you see on YouTube sometimes haunts you. A suggested video popped up a few times and I finally watched because clearly it thought it had something to tell me.

At first, when the crazy lady starts talking about magnetic chalkboard labels, I’m like good idea… but, I don’t know, can I find those? Will my life become consumed with finding the exact canisters I need? I am already traumatized by my inability to find replacement rubber seals for my glass jars. They have them on Amazon, but I need different sizes. Will these work or will I just spend $15 on the wrong size seals that I might then have to keep, in case I ever buy that size jar, because replacements are such a pain to find? It makes my head hurt. Then she keeps talking about lining the inside of her cupboard doors with flexible sheets of steel—click here to see how; no, it’s not a link, I don’t want you to be like this person and if you do this project you might start to become like her and can you imagine how terrifying she must be to live with? She’s all smiley in the video, but don’t be messing up her house.

I’m bad enough about the tape dispenser and the kitchen scissors. You must put them back if you use them. Seriously. A kitchen without scissors is impossible. Ask my family. Put the damn scissors back. Ten house moves and they go in my handbag every time. But, watching this woman, I realize that I’ll never get my house really organized, or my garage, or my home office/craft room. But the other thing about her incredibly clever tricks for ribbon dispensers and wrapping paper storage is that it looks clinical and I wouldn’t want to go into that room and be crafty and creative.

It does however get me to get rolling on some tasks. I have our holiday cards ready and I ordered THE COOLEST stamps. If you’re on my list in the US please appreciate the stamp. UK people, you’re getting Lancaster County Amish countryside. Cool but not as cool my new forever stamps. I almost bought the snowman and snowflake ones at Costco and I’m so glad I waited and browsed online.

So there was that. And there were light bulbs. We have this track lighting that needs a very tall ladder to be changed and so we never know what light bulbs it takes until the window washer gets up there and changes any dead bulbs. I took the bulb to the store and bought replacements. Now what I need to do is mark the box to say what it’s for. That’s the kind of thing that organized homemakers do. Or have a spreadsheet. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIGHT FITTINGS???

Also, I had to pick the replacement glass for the broken glass for the kitchen lights, which the store had ordered for us, but nobody wanted to go pick up. I added that to my list of virtuous erranding.

In the course of cleaning a shelf in the kitchen I found the receipt for a piece of mail order furniture that got dinged in transit but once you’ve unboxed something really heavy you have to ask yourself is it really worth the hassle? I had taken pictures of the damage and composed a stern letter in my head and promptly forget about it until today when I found the packing slip. I emailed customer service and they called to offer compensation. We haggled a bit and they sent me a gift certificate.

Adult life is full of these totally boring and tedious tasks. Maybe a labelmaker would alleviate the pain.

I can’t just be sitting here at the computer for another hour, I have a home to run. I am going to clean out some of the stuff in The Closet and I will leave you with this video to watch. Let me know what you think. Tell me why halogen bulbs are so impossible to change. They require three sets of muscle groups, you can’t actually touch the bulb and the glass caps screech as you try to screw them back in at an impossible angle. What’s your least favorite task or your best trick for managing the random chaos of housework?

Photo above taken of old stock in a hardware store now a community center.


3 Replies to “This is not the most organized home in America”

  1. This crazy woman hardly has any food in her kitchen, or the rest of her house. It’s not hard to organize 5 items, it’s when you have 50 that it gets tricky. But what is a home without things….it’s really just a house.


  2. i have 4 — FOUR!!– scissors in my kitchen (one for every wall of drawers and one in the pencil holder). i get nervous if their numbers dip down to two. i start yelling and screaming… frothing at the mouth. i got each of the girls scissors for her room. and tape two. but it doesn’t help. THEY STILL DON’T PUT THINGS AWAY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! that video woman is very scary. you must let go!


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