Everyone has one

I mentioned my garage project to two of my workmates and both of them said, yes, I could photograph their garages. Their initial reactions were as you might expect: You’re what? Really? Why?

Because garages are cool, I said. Or something to that effect. And after they explained their own garages, they told me about someone else’s.

There is a garage in California that contains antique furniture from a house twice its size. The collectors had moved from the UK to the US, from a large house to a medium house and the furniture that didn’t fit filled the garage. And then there was a divorce.

And in Louisiana, a man who lived through the Depression had saved everything in his garage, aluminum cans, plastic bags that bread came in, and the walls all around where the car just barely and precisely fit were packed with stuff. He collected timber that lay on the floor between where the tires would go. And then Katrina brought six feet of flood water to clear it out.

Garage stories. Everyone has one. What’s yours?


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