What would the Wertis wear?

Me: You know what else is coming back? Socks over tights. Pushed down socks. [Loafers, jazz shoes, dark tights.]

Younger daughter: What?

My husband: You ought to put these prophecies on your blog so we have some way of keeping track of them.

8 August 2011
Socks over tights
Jazz shoes
Betsey Johnson/Norma Kamali harem pants
The Fiorucci angels in sunglasses
Rainbow stripe socks
Tube socks, pulled up, with A-line skirts or short shorts.

10 August
They’re already making a comeback; the riots will expedite their return: Doc Martens.

9 September
Anything but stirrup pants.

14 September
US/UK unemployment on the rise > Doc Martens

12 November
Corduroy A-line skirt (ordered one in a burnt umber from Land’s End, cute, cheap as chips, but too big, can fit both hands inside waistband despite ordering a size with a listed waist measurement smaller than actual waist; do they assume we all knock a few inches off? Stop it. Stop vanity-sizing clothes and then re-sizing them.)
Argyle sweater vest
Plaid skirt (ordered one from Land’s End; not flattering)
Sad to return mod colorblock sweater from mail-order to J. Crew store today but mock turtleneck activated gag reflex. When the cashier asked for reason I just said it didn’t fit. They don’t need to know that, right? Maybe you don’t either…
I saw these white Gucci loafers with gold snaffle in a thrift shop once. They were too big so I didn’t buy them but I hope to encounter shoes like that again.
I miss my big black-with-subliminal-Prince of Wales print thrift shop coat from high school, but now I have a tweed coat with a fur collar that I really love and I figure you have to make room in your closet and your heart for new clothes.
Duofold underwear
Kelly green shoes

January 18,20120108-073449.jpg 2012
Gold sneakers
Day-glo laces
tube skirt
Striped scarf with fringe

January 27, 2013
Tube socks

My mother offered me her mink coat when we moved back to America. I think when I turn 50, I will ask if the offer still stands. I don’t like the cold and it would make me feel like an Edward Gorey character.


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